Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cold Michigan Mornings

Isn't it funny. 7:30 a.m. About 10 degrees out. Slog on the sweater, heavy sweats, heavy socks, coat, hat, gloves. Grab the carrots. Jeez do I have to go out there this morning?

OK, let's go. Grab the water bucket and fill it. Walk down the driveway. Try to avoid the icy patches. The water bucket is heavy. Get to the gate.

Suddenly the internal whining stops. I set to work. Gee, it's not so bad out. Not as cold as I thought. Kind of fun to be outside this morning. Donks are happy now that breakfast is served.

Even shoveling up the manure isn't a trial. Carrying the wheelbarrow further down the driveway to "the pile". Still not cold.

Rub heads with Francesca (no Gabby doesn't like to have her head touched, don't even try). Give everyone big hugs across their backs while they're munching hay. They don't mind. Set out the grain. Whoa, there's a run for the feed bowls with Luigi in front. He MUST be served first. Francesca is usually next in line and Gabriella still focusing on her hay. A little shoving. Gabby decides to come in the shed and check out her bowl.

See you at dinner time bambinos.

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  1. This is gonna be fun. Great idea to blog the amigos! :)