Sunday, March 28, 2010

Donkey Doo-Doo

OK, let's talk poop.

I'm always amazed at the volume of manure awaiting me, both in the morning and again in the evening. How can three little donkeys manufacture so much?

I'd like to introduce you to what I used to call the Manure Mountain. Nowadays I think it more resembles a berm, so will need to rethink it's title. Rick and I will be spending a recreational weekend in the near future by spreading it over the vacant acre. Good times... (although friend Dorothy received some over the winter to spread in her garden, testing the fertilizer factor -- better check with her before we head for the shovels)

A friend-of-a-friend says her donks conducted their own version of The Great Escape by pooping in the same place day after day, fashioning a manure mountain and scampering over the fence to freedom. Luigi, Francesca and Gabriella prefer to spread their's out, apparently believing I like to play a game of hide and seek when cleaning up.


  1. LOL... The Great "Poop Escape!" Brilliant, I tell ya, those donks are brilliant ;-) I had the best little pumpkin & squash patch ever last year. I planted them in nothing but the pile of (mostly) rotted donk manure w/ a little rotten straw mixed in. It seemed the perfect recipe. The only thing lacking was sunshine as I planted just a little too much into the shade. Anyway, the poo is great stuff! -Tammy

  2. The Great "Poop Escape!" what a gas.....yes we have quite a mound near the gate, I imagine if it gets much bigger they could walk over the fence but Cherokee keeps it flat on top where he likes to lay, so he can see the comings and goings in the driveway...nosey! The last 2years we have been piling it in the pasture and now we have a mountain....we are planting grass soon in a new spot, I got to get the "gardeners" busy spreading it.