Monday, November 1, 2010

The Evil Purple Beast

Yesterday I had the clever idea of snapping a picture of Fran wearing my witch hat and posting it as such a cute Halloween image.  Right!

Dragged Rick out with me to act as photographer. It happened that I wore the hat out to the yard.  Such a  reaction I certainly did not expect.
This darn hat was 
so so scary.  
Three donkeys ran around the yard like banshees.  I immediately took it off and clucked and cooed to get them to come up to me, holding the dreaded purple beast behind my back.  One of them would take a few tentative steps toward me, but then catch a peek of the evil  thing and high-tail it out of there.  Luigi was kicking out with his back legs to keep the monster away.
So much for clever ideas...


  1. What a riot! Just goes to show you that they're a LOT smarter than you give them credit for. Keep that in mind in the future... they might be way ahead of you! ;)

  2. Hahahaha, I can see it now. I know exactly what you mean! Mine do this sometimes with my camera. How funny. I think it was a great idea though :)

  3. Oh my! The only other creatures here who possibly may be more suspicious about new things: the chickens. Wow, do they raise a ruckus over a whole bunch of nothin', i.e., me carrying a feed sack into the pen :) Sorry you didn't get your Halloween pic, but your description was priceless! -Tammy

  4. If I recall, a certain boy I know ran away the first time he saw it too. Maybe it is a REAL witches hat and these creatures pick up on that! :-) (Carol P)

  5. Woa....maybe it is real and they know it!!
    Yea, I do not know how donkey owners get photos of their donks wearing hats, mine are afraid of hats too, every year I try to get the "perfect" Christmas photo....not! Maybe next year!!