Friday, June 10, 2011

Little Wraps for Little Legs

It's a fact of summer life -- little donkey legs get ferociously bitten by flies in the warm weather.  Last summer we tried all manner of prevention.  Naturally we started with traditional fly spray and when that didn't work moved to smearing legs with vaseline.  That just ended up oozing in the heat.  Hmmm, what to try next.  Aha!  Vet wraps, which for the non-horsey folks are self-sticking bandage like strips.  Well, those didn't stay on, even with duct tape.

At the end of last summer, poking around on horse supply sites, I found pony leg wraps.  Bought 12 and we just started trying them out about a week ago.
 Here Franny models her purple pairs.  No, they don't stay up all day and we have to go looking for those that are MIA in the pasture, BUT, it's the best of all the solutions tried so far.  This morning farrier, Koren, suggested SWAT.  I may be headed for the store soon...

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  1. Those are so cute and stylish.. lovin' the purple ;) Our flies don't seem to go for the legs so much, mainly the face! They're all so mean :( -Tammy p.s. SWAT works great! And I may send you a couple "almost natural" recipes that seem to help... via fb.