Monday, May 2, 2016

Donkeys Oh So Eager for The Spring Pasture

A couple of days ago I sat with four donkey nuts on the driveway so they could get their fix of green grass.  When I first started doing this  a few years ago, I had to string a rope across the driveway to ensure there were no escapees (a few times they did escape and it was no easy feat getting them to leave the across-the-street neighbor's lawn).  But now they seem to know and respect the rules.  I take a chair, a short whip and a book, and keep an eye out while reading.

 It's just a tad too early to let them out on the pasture.  Looks nice and green from a distance.

But when you get up close... a different story.

Weedy and not so lush.
 We've worked so hard on the pasture and never seem to get ahead.  Yes, we threw seed in the sparse patches in March, but don't see much reward for the labor and money spent.

As I strolled around the pasture, everyone was on high alert.  Donks and chickens alike.

l-r:  Ruby Dee, Sweet Pea, Emmy Lou, Golda

And here's the whole gang

 Just keep your shorts on little donkeys, only another week or two...


  1. I somehow missed your last couple of posts. I love your little farm and the donkeys and chickens all look healthy, happy, and well cared for. I still dream of owning a little donkey...or two.

    1. And I so enjoy seeing your place and critters (OK, I'll admit it, I'm partial to Eli, but don't tell the rabbits). How lucky to have found your blog. :)

  2. Hi Janet. What a lovely thing to do, sitting with your donkeys while they enjoy the new green grass. Love the photo of the chickens. Hopefully the pasture will be ready for grazing soon and I am sure the donkeys will have a wonderful time. Do you have to limit the amount of new grass they consume like you would have to sometimes with horses to prevent laminitis? You have a lovely set-up for your animals on your farm (I am very envious). I have 2 chickens in my garden (they look very similar to your darker hens). That's all I have room for, but I am very grateful for the 2 I have as they have wonderful personalities and I wouldn't be without them for the world. I think that once you have had chickens, it would be very difficult to live without them (very addictive). Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire UK.

    1. Louise, you are so very right. I wasn't sure about the chickens before they arrived and was even a little wary of them in the beginning. Would they peck and be aggressive. But now!! I love them all and will be terrifically sad when they're no longer with us. I will be keeping them beyond their egg laying years, however, so they may live out their natural lives.

      As always, so enjoy hearing from you Louise.

  3. What a precious gang you have! I can just picture you keeping watch over the donkey nuts on the pasture (and reading, great use of your security guard time.. lol!).