Saturday, March 18, 2017

Missing Francesca

Over the past week while under the weather, I was mentally planning the new installment for the blog.  I was either going to regale you with a video of Luigi playing with the newest donkey toy, or tell you about the subtle changes in the herd since Alice died.

Part of the second topic involved Franny's enjoyment of her re-found title of "She Who Get's Mom's Immediate Attention" when entering the donkey yard.  If I was able to read the nuances of donkey body language, I'd say she was rightfully back as mom's favorite and loving it.

And now Francesca is gone.  I am heartbroken and the tears come as I write this.

Three days ago, because I was not feeling well, Rick took breakfast feed while I stayed in bed.  Fran was down.  When the vet arrived her body temp had plummeted and heart rate was high.  The vet said she was in shock.  Most probably colic.  And there wasn't much to be done.

Please, not Fran.

Not Fran who'd come to me for hugs before eating.  I'd stand right in front of her head and rub the sides and her neck until she decided that was enough lovin'.  And then she'd get a kiss on the nose.

Please, not Fran.

My little intact family, who'd been together with me for seven years and three years prior to that, is no longer intact.  My three amigos who wooed me across the fence before becoming part of our family are three no longer.

Seeing just two donkeys in the yard feels like something is broken.

Please, not Fran.

There is a huge hole where Fran's presence should be.   Francesca, Franny, Fran Banan.  You were my special girl with whom I shared a bond, deeper than with any other donkey.  Luigi and Gabariella (her daughter) feel your absence too.

You were  only 14, far too young.

As the Buddhist Metta prayer says:
May you be happy, May you be well, May you be peaceful, May you be free.
Goodbye Fran.


  1. Well written; can feel your pain...

  2. Janet, I can't tell you how very sorry I am (I have just read your post). My heart goes out to you at this awfully sad time. I was hoping that you had written again because I wanted to ask you how your new chooks were settling in and to tell you about a forum I am a member of so that you might be able to see photo's of my girls. I realise this is not the right time. Sending you hugs. Take care, my friend.

    1. Oh no, Louise, it IS the right time. How do I access the forum?

  3. Hi Janet - Hope you're Ok and feeling a bit better. If you google the forum "Down the lane" and click on it. Just a bit of background - It has all different subjects within the forum and is meant for like minded people that love animals, gardens, etc (you will see for yourself). There you will find subject for Chickens and Poultry and "Chicken Diaries". My diary is called "Louise's Chicken Diary". If you click to open my diary you can read what I have written. Yesterday was the first time I was able to put a photo on (son came to help me with it). Please feel free to read through. I find the people on this forum very friendly and helpful. See if you can find it and see what you think. Don't forget "Down The Lane".

  4. Hi Janet. I presume you have found the Forum "Down The Lane". Scroll down to "The Garden Farm - Chicken Keeping & Other Livestock". Second subject down is "Members Chicken Keeping Diaries". Click on this and you will have to scroll down to find "Louise's Chicken Diary". Good luck - Hope you can find it. Let me know how you get on. Regards, Louise.