Sunday, April 2, 2017

Donkey Toy

My little donkey beasts are not allowed into the pasture until the new spring grass is healthy and a few inches high.  They can decimate the lushness down to the roots in nothing flat. That means they are sequestered in the donkey yard until late May.

Finding amusing play toys to ward off boredom is no easy feat for my two (keep wanting to say my three, sigh...).  The jolly ball has been part of their toy box for years and it usually sits abandoned.

The milk jug with marbles rattling inside hanging from the tree branch is equally ignored.

  And so a couple of months ago I purchased a Nose It.

By jiminy I was going to find something that appealed to their playful side.
Here's the scoop -- you put carrot pieces, or grain, in the hole which has a lip on the inside of the "ball" preventing the treat from immediately falling out.  Some low-key work is involved.

Luigi has been the only participant to date.  Take a look at him in action.

Of course, I found a much less expensive version mentioned in a FB donkey group after the fact. Another sigh...  Now I'm off to the kitchen to cut up carrots!


  1. Oh bless him ... at least he is having a go. Do they ever play with each other, i.e. chase each other around in a playful friendly way? They are very lucky donkeys to have you looking after them and buying them toys (and pandering to their every whim, no doubt). I saw a chook on the video clip as well!!

  2. That's an interesting toy! Did they finally get the treat? You are such a good "mom" to them. And doesn't it figure you would find a less expensive model AFTER you buy that one. Oh well, maybe this will last longer.