Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Gang Hits Sleepy Town

I have run into a gang of hooligans.  Moderately malicious but not terribly violent.  Troublemakers to the core.

It's a gang of two.  Their escapades develop in broad daylight.  Yes, they are bold.

I have observed that the ringleader changes...with the wind.

And here you have it.
The "do-anything-to-get-the lid-off-the-garbage-can-holding-the-grain-and-tip-it-over" gang.

I was able to sneak up on their most recent malicious adventure and record the beginnings of mayhem.

You can see the nonchalance with which they approach the targeted can.  They are wily devils.  This is in broad daylight remember.  Thank goodness there were no weapons involved.

And, bingo, contact has been made.
At this point I was unsure whether to call the authorities, but refrained for fear of retribution from the gang members afterward.

But I now have the evidence, in safekeeping.

The moral of the story:  please, please safeguard your grain-filled garbage cans.  These marauders can get desperate.


  1. Looks like you may need to disguise said grain-filled can, inside a larger rubber one :)
    Little devils....
    Still got their winter coat I see !

    1. Jo, I fear they would be able to sniff out grain through a triple layered disguise. And, they don't usually lose those winter coats until July -- it's crazy and so unlike horses.

  2. This is so cute! I like that furry look. Animals are funny, aren't they! You can't fool them.

  3. I am familiar with this fiendish gang of desperadoes. They are a truly devilish band of marauders. Keep your guard up!