Monday, August 12, 2019

Good Reads

No idea how I happened upon it, but I'm recommending you "like" Frog Song Farm Sanctuary on Facebook.  I check out her photo updates regularly and am smitten with her two newest additions, Patrick and Simon the llamas.  Of course the donkeys always grab my attention.

Anyway, if you are a FB browser, check it out.

The blogs I regularly catch up on are not all animal related.
Jo's photos on A Brit in Tennessee  are always a delight.  She has a photographer's eye.   And her sense of humor caught my attention in a blog post of mine from months ago.  I described how Jo the chicken would climb into the treat dish to nibble/hog the treats; the Brit Jo confessed she had been known to do that too.  Still makes me smile.

Of course I am a fan of The Dancing Donkey   Kris has been showing off photos of her new mule baby and I continue to swoon over Ben, her mammoth donkey.  That boy has my heart.

Melba's sewing and gardening skills are always fun to see on Henny Penny Lane.  She provided chicken advice when I was in the early hen stage, and wistfully ogles my donkeys.

So if you find yourself noodling around on the computer, stop by any one of the sites above.
Would like to hear about your faves too.  Please share.


  1. Well over here I pop, and find a lovely mention which made my day :)
    I will have a little look-see at the pages you recommend I'm sure I will enjoy reading.
    Posie Gets Cozy is one of my favorite blogs, another talented crafter, I truly get lost in her magical world.
    Not Really A Farm is another blog I love to visit.I feel as though I've taken a little trip home to England after visiting her blog....
    Have a wonderful week sweet lady.

  2. I am afraid I do not do Facebook - but I am sure I would enjoy reading 'Frog Song Farm Sanctuary'. Just the name of it entices me and it really does sound my cup of tea. Jo I fancy trying out your recommendations too (sounds interesting). I have a certain number of blogs that I check on recently and that I really enjoy. Of course Janet it goes without saying 'My Miniature Donkeys' has long been a favourite of mine and I love and enjoy so much the communication we have through your delightful blog. Really feel I have found a like minded friend in blog-world and it's so nice to share experiences and stories of our lives. The other blogs that I follow are Beehaven Acres - with Bev in PA. Have you tried this out yet Janet - I am sure you would enjoy?? 'My Shetland' is also a lovely blog and so well written by Frances about her everyday life in Shetland with her Shetland ponies and horses and sheep and other critters. 'A Smaller and Simpler Life' blog by Sue is also a lovely blog. Sue started out with 'Our New Life In the Country' and you can follow her adventures over many years. 'Going Gently' by John Gray is another favourite - always an entertaining, sometimes sad, sometimes happy view of his life in a little Welsh Cottage. That's about it for me.