Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Morning Faces

Although the temps have cooled in southeast Michigan, the days have been sunny of late, which means good humor in the mornings for beasts, fowl, and humans alike.

Just take a look at these goofy morning donkey faces.  Leisurely munching a plate-load of hay and straw.

Invariably Luigi is on one side of the outside manger and the girls steer to the other side

Gabby (background) doesn't have time for silly faces.  There is much chewing to be done.

Sugar needs to know if there are more items on the menu

As I've mentioned, mornings are the best.


  1. Sounds like your weather is just perfect at the moment Janet. Cooler but sunny - no wonder those sweet donkey faces (and humans alike) are smiling. Absolutely love seeing photo's of your animals and the beautiful place where you all live (I am very envious of all that lovely space you have for you and your critters to enjoy). Here in North West of England we have had nothing but rain and some places have been badly flooded. Luckily that hasn't affected us. It just means my garden and chicken run are SO muddy. But saying that the girls don't seem to mind too much. Talking of chickens, have you come up with names for your new beauties yet? Enjoy your mornings.

  2. Makes me wanna smooch that sweet face all over.