Monday, February 3, 2020

On Our Toes With Yoyo Weather

Recent weather conditions would lead one to believe Mother Nature is a little tipsy.

Icy on Friday --
I was sliding down the gradual downward slope right at the gate so threw some shavings to get a grip.  Always works like a charm.

By Sunday, this beautiful scene greeted us.
New fallen snow covering any ice.

Today we hit 45-50 degrees so snow is melting but tomorrow morning may be a slippery trip out to the donks.

As for donkeys, Luigi has turned into my cuddle boy.  Those who have been with me for more than two years know Francesca was my wondrous cuddle girl.  But Luigi has stepped up to the plate.  I love the face snuggles and nose rubs he allows.

At the moment I snapped this, it was hard to determine if he wanted more loving or thought I was getting a treat.

Back in the house, we have another moocher.  This boy comes on the run every time I cut into a carrot.  I swear he can hear that knife cut when he's outside.

He was doing his best begging routine as I cut carrots for the donkeys.  Although we're careful not to overdo it, a couple of slices ended up in the cute mouth.  My middle name is sucker.


  1. Lol, I've never seen a dog that likes carrots, that is hilarious :)
    No snow in our neck of the woods, just sunshine, and today rain, but heck give us a few days, we'll probably have some of that white stuff too !
    I love seeing your sweet donkeys, I would think treat first, hugs next...

  2. Luigi is adorable. I would definitely have to give him pets. Your boy is so cute too.

    No snow here at all this year. And now it's headed for spring and it's below freezing. Go figure.