Thursday, July 4, 2019

Crisis Averted

A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders just minutes ago and wanted to tell you.

Sweet Pea sat in a nesting box for over 12 hours yesterday.  Something was terribly wrong.

Now she is my favorite hen and the last of the original four I got in 2015.  She had not demonstrated any abnormal behavior or distress leading up to this strange behavior so I had no idea what to do for her.  Talk about feeling helpless.

I feared I was going to lose her too.

This morning Rick went out for first shift and reported she was up and friskier than normal.  Oh my gosh, I think I'll do the dance of joy.

Now, I will admit to you I believe in energy work.  I had a Reiki session many years ago that cemented my belief.  Someday I'll tell you about it.  Last evening I sent Sweet Pea the strongest message of healing energy I could muster.  Who knows if it helped.

    My little stinker


  1. Thank goodness Sweetpea is OK this morning. They are a pure mystery at times these girls. What a pretty little hen she is. I am sure you must be SO relieved. I would like to know more about your "energy work" and "Reiki" some day Janet. Not sure if mind over matter can really help, but it sounds interesting and let's be honest we could all do with all the help we can get sometimes. Go and have a coffee and relax now you know she seems fine and enjoy the moment with them all.

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  3. Glad sweet pea is feeling her old self 🐓