Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Definitely Going to Need a Hay Feeder

I never thought it would be this difficult to find a wall-mounted hay feeder.  Well, perhaps difficult isn't the right word -- I should say pricey.

We're bracing ourselves for a big flooding situation at the donkey shed.  We're not being pessimistic; odds are darn high that with the amount of snow still sitting here when the big thaw finally hits, donks are going to be waist deep in water.  (I usually throw hay on the ground.)

Ergo the need for a hay feeder.

This past weekend I turned to Tractor Supply.  There are three stores within about a 30-40 minute drive.  All out-of-stock.  I drove to the closest store to pick up shavings and assumed that if I ordered it to be delivered to the store I wouldn't be saddled with the shipping charges.  Wrong.

I started looking elsewhere online.  One of my favorite horse/donkey supply companies wanted $30 shipping fees for a $40 feeder.  Really??

Yesterday I called our local feed store, Highland Feed, and glorioski he's going to order a couple and they'll be in by the end of the week.  Small, local, and independent prevails!


  1. You could also try the small mesh hay nets. There are a lot of benefits to them, one being that you can hang them up. I hope the flooding doesn't get too bad. I am ready to deal with it if it means we could finally be done with this endless winter.

    1. Thought about the mesh nets but was afraid they'd get torn down. Three donkeys can get bored in all this snow -- no place to roam.

  2. I hate those shipping charges too! We have a small feed store in town and they are always so helpful and kind. Makes you want to give them the business.