Friday, February 21, 2014

Water Troughs Are Not Supposed To Be Yucky

A couple of days ago I gave a closer look at the water "trough" (its actually a BIG round rubber bowl) and  decided on my next day off it would be time to clean out that baby.  Hasn't been scrubbed in months and as I felt along the sides I uttered an involuntary "yuck!".  So today was the day.

Hauled out more water from the house, shooed the donks from the vicinity and set to the job -- not what I would look forward to in 3 feet of snow.  Grabbing the brush devoted to that task, I stuck my gloveless hand down in the yucky water.  Scrubbed.  Dumped the water (which of course just puddled under the trough), noticed there's still yuck left, so scrubbed a bit more, rinsed and refilled.  Oh yes, put the heater back in - after cleaning the yuck off it too.

Then on to the regular chores.

Since I can only carry two buckets of water out on the sled, I'll need to refill at least once more today.

And did I tell you the shed is starting to flood.

And did I tell you I'm getting cranky.

1 comment:

  1. Yuk is right! How do water buckets get so dirty anyway! Always something to do. It's cute the way you call them donks.