Sunday, February 23, 2014

Aiee Karumba!

What do you use a horse trailer for?  Storing hay and shavings, of course.

Last weekend Rick and I needed to haul some of both to the donkey shed and oh, what a treat that was.
Have you noticed chores can never be simple and easy.
First step in this process was digging through to the rear to open the darn ramp.  Aiee karumba!

The water sled has a dual purpose -- its secondary job is to help haul bales of hay from the trailer to the shed.  But good golly Miss Molly.  For one with bad balance, trying to drag a sled through a rough path is exceptionally difficult.  When Rick saw how I was teetering he gave me the leg of the sled run after the tricky footpath.
Rick takes over the bale stacking job.  I'm too puny.  (I seem to have a few skill sets to work on, hmmm...)

And of course Team Donkey (see post from 1/1/14) must assist in all aspects -- "get out of the way dogs!!"

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