Monday, February 17, 2014

Thank You

Its comforting to know a friend will be at the ready to assist when a shout goes out.  Friend Brenda fills that description perfectly.  All right, we've not been in dire situations, but she has been my technical advisor for the past two to three months for the donkey blog.

She'll get a call or an email with my non-savvy voice saying, "yea, but how do I do that?"  And usually she knows exactly what to do.  If not, she's a whiz at scoping out the problem.

Plus, she's an excellent cheerleader, looking at my stats and excitedly pointing out positive trends.

Yes, this is my friend pictured at her trusty laptop, donkey blog at the ready.  Yes, this is the most exposure she wanted -- a head and hand shot.

For everything you do, my friend, thank you!

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