Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick & Easy Manure Soup

1.  Take 1 wheelbarrow (size and color optional), partially filled with donkey doo-doo
2.  Wait for a hard rain
3.  Allow wheelbarrow to fill with water
4.  Let soak
5.  Come back to a rich, dark soup with dumplings
6.  Serve at room temperature

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Miscellaneous Musings

I'm finding it odd that the donkeys shed out this summer so very much later than the horses.  Very much later.
Fran just lost her winter coat last week (she had a mohawk stripe of long hair down her face) and Luigi is still pretty shaggy.  Gabs got her sleek summer coat the first of the group.   But Natural (25-year old horse buddy) lost his winter woolies in May.  Quite the difference.

Trying to determine what's needed to start the beasts on a training regime to drive.  Can I do it myself?  Farrier Koren gave me some tips for phase 1.  I had daydreamed about teaching Natural to drive many, many years ago but gave up the idea.  This may be my golden opportunity.

Gabriella gave me a little nip last week.  When I described the scene to a friend at the horse barn, she termed it "misdirected aggression".  I think she's right.  Gabby was kicking at Luigi in the back, then whirled around and nabbed me in the shin.  I responded in all the wrong ways.  Horse friend suggested using my Parelli carrot stick to gently show her I need my space.  It's worked on the rare times I remember to take the stick with me.

On my visit to Natural today, we played "catch me if you can".  After about 15 minutes of round and round, up and down the hill, I spoke ill of him and gave up.  Tomorrow is another day...