Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Flags

OK, I couldn't resist.  On my way home from a small local art fair, I saw a handwritten sign advertising a miniature donkey and pony for sale.  Had to stop.  The owner took me out to a back pasture and there was the boy (names omitted to protect the innocent, namely me).  He was a cute little guy, a dark brown that doesn't resemble any of my three.  I asked his age and was told four.  Next I asked if he was gelded and the owner paused and then admitted, "he didn't know".  Red flag #1.  How could you not know!  I'm not bringing a little guy who can shoot bullets into my herd. Then I asked... what are you asking?  $400 was the reply.  I responded by saying I purchased all three of mine for $600 and the owner was astounded, naturally.  "I couldn't let him go for less than $400, he's too nice an animal."  Red flag #2.  Just standing there with a cursory glance, I could see his hooves needed trimming and he had something crusty at one nostril.  Red flag #3  Of course, now that he knows I'm not going to whip out my checkbook on the spot, he tells me he's got someone else coming to look at him.  Right.  Final red flag

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All right, I admit it.  I have a favorite donkey.  Francesca is my girl.  She's just plain sweet.  Luigi is a social guy, particularly if donkey cookies are in the mix, and Gabriella is the adolescent rebel.  But Fran is the one who greets me in the morning and says its OK to put my face to hers and rub her head.  Gabby only has breakfast on her mind.  I'm not sure what Luigi's agenda is in the a.m.  So, yea, it's lovely Fran who gets most of the kisses.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Love

Koren, the farrier, arrived on Friday morning to get donkeys hooves back into shape.  Faithful readers will remember I turned to Koren in March/April as I didn't like the way the first farrier was treating the donks (also didn't care for his attitude, but I could have lived with that).  The donkeys now LOVE Koren.  However, this has been a gradual love affair.  The first few visits  Luigi would whirl in a circle while Koren was trying to trim those toes, and it was a battle to keep Gabriella in one place.  But now... what a difference.

This past Friday Luigi was cheek-to-cheek with Koren making sure she was using the right procedure on Gabby.  Other times he was trying to borrow her tools until she reminded him they weren't his to take.  At one point, Koren was bending forward working on Fran and Gabby tucked her head between Koren's legs, almost like she was playing leap frog (only Koren was the frog).

Koren is firm but gentle and now the donks welcome her with open arms when she arrives.

Next time, Rick has to come out and take pictures of the antics.