Friday, August 30, 2019

Four New Faces

Before I share photos from our latest adventure, please know that I know these are lousy photos.  But I have an excuse.  Really.

And the story goes this way...

About a week ago, friend Cheryl alerted me to the fact the Michigan Humane Society (MHS) website showed four hens up for adoption.  With the following names:  Hillary Fluff, Oprah Henfrey, Henneth Paltrow, Lindsay Lo-Hen.  I called the facility to ask some questions, but didn't get all the answers.  However, I did ask if the girls could be held until Monday for me; we were going to be out of town over the weekend and clearly I didn't want the chicken & donkey sitter to tend to brand new girls.  Their answer was a swift "no".

I called when they opened on Monday and the girls were still available.  We decided to add them to our flock and drove about 40 minutes to the shelter.  It was at this point I got the background story.  In June a hoarding case of 80 birds (ducks, chickens, etc) was uncovered in Detroit (we're about an hour north) and given over to the MHS.  These girls were part of that group.  They were only about a month old and (yes, you can do the math) are now 3-4 months.  Quite young and quite small.  Probably half the size of Sweet Pea and Buffy. 

They are segregated in the new half of the coop with the covered porch.  And will have to stay segregated for a bit.  This morning two escaped while the big girls were out and got harassed.  I had to call for back up. 
Hopefully they do some more growing in the next month and feel better prepared to stand up for themselves against the bullies.

MHS was guessing they are bantam mixes -- two reddish like Isa Browns, one a mottled red/brown, and one mottled buff.

They are shy and skittish and so photos get taken on the fly. 

In mid run, but you can see coloring

And this is the nightly roosting location they have chosen -- on top of the raised window!!
The first night I went in to lock up and heard soft cheeping, couldn't find them anywhere.  

Now I do not believe I will keep the names MHS handed out, clever as they are.  I may try to stick with my female singer names (Lulu, Etta James, Peggy Sue -- OK a song, not a singer, Joannie B(aez), Ruby Dee, Buffy (St. Marie)...  Any thoughts?

Monday, August 19, 2019

Scenes From a Teeny Tiny Farm

You get a gold star if you correctly identify the following beauty

It's Sugar, of course

She has taken Gabby's place elbowing her way to the front of the crowd when I enter the gate in the morning.  And nip at anyone who dares to get too close.  I have to remind everyone I DO NOT like to get caught in the crossfire. 

You may remember I have called Gabariella the "witchy-witch" (except using the "b" word) in part because of this behavior.  Well,  there's a new witch in town. 

Four of the hens banging their cups on the bars, yelling out "You dirty screws!"

Newest addition to the donkey gate
thanks to Crossroads Donkey Rescue auction

Monday, August 12, 2019

Good Reads

No idea how I happened upon it, but I'm recommending you "like" Frog Song Farm Sanctuary on Facebook.  I check out her photo updates regularly and am smitten with her two newest additions, Patrick and Simon the llamas.  Of course the donkeys always grab my attention.

Anyway, if you are a FB browser, check it out.

The blogs I regularly catch up on are not all animal related.
Jo's photos on A Brit in Tennessee  are always a delight.  She has a photographer's eye.   And her sense of humor caught my attention in a blog post of mine from months ago.  I described how Jo the chicken would climb into the treat dish to nibble/hog the treats; the Brit Jo confessed she had been known to do that too.  Still makes me smile.

Of course I am a fan of The Dancing Donkey   Kris has been showing off photos of her new mule baby and I continue to swoon over Ben, her mammoth donkey.  That boy has my heart.

Melba's sewing and gardening skills are always fun to see on Henny Penny Lane.  She provided chicken advice when I was in the early hen stage, and wistfully ogles my donkeys.

So if you find yourself noodling around on the computer, stop by any one of the sites above.
Would like to hear about your faves too.  Please share.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Donkeys Demand Derriere Day

Recently the donkeys voted and requested, nay demanded (!), an international butt-rubbing day be established.  What could I do but comply with their demands.

Each posterior was rubbed sufficiently, at least in my mind, and a potential tricky situation was averted.

Photos of said derrieres follow:

Gabs and Spice



Four oustanding butts/posteriors/derrieres all around