Thursday, July 26, 2012

Double Take

I'm veering off from tales of the donkeys and pastures (pfffttt!!) to tell a small tale of Mr. Natural.
I had neglected the boy and needed to go to the horse barn to clean hooves, apply fly spray, feed treats and get a hug and kiss.  He's been a pistol this summer (again) and plays the runaway game, especially on those hot-hot-hot days.  I got there at just the right time -- before my dinner, but right after theirs.  Horses were just hanging around, chatting each other up before retiring out to the pasture.  Well, I approached Natural from the rear, without calling to him, and when I got up to within just a couple of feet, he turned and I swear, did a double take.  "Where the heck did you come from?"

The expression was priceless.

Out-takes from photo session ---

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The "Pasture" -- in all it's glory

1.  No rain
2.  A strange weed arising
3.  No rain

This, gentle readers, is what our "pasture" looked liked until just a few days ago.  Doesn't look like a grass pasture you say?  I would agree, while gnashing my teeth.

Rick discovered this delightful foreign vegetation taking over, I'd estimate" 30% of the half-acre.  He delivered a sample to MSU Extension Service (have I mentioned how much I love these people) and they ID'd it as being in the turnip/mustard family.  Well great!

I called the store from whence the seed came and expressed my displeasure, trying to be as polite as possible while the volano was erupting in my head.

Then I called the "pasture guy" at the Extension Service back and he said those little turnip seeds could have been buried in our soil all along and when we tilled they were exposed to air and light, and voila -- a delightful addition to our already puny pasture.

Can you see me shaking my head???  The time and money we've invested -- ah yes.

 So, we decided to let the donks out on the so-called pasture -- don't have much to lose. 

P.S.  Rick mowed all the weeds down a few days ago, so from afar, it looks like the real deal.