Monday, November 13, 2023

Nothing Beats Donkey Lips

Note: I wrote this a couple of weeks ago but had (yet again) technical difficulties. Let's see if it flies this time.

The full moon was Saturday and I think I'm under it's effect. My patience with donkeys and dogs is paper thin. And they are testing me. But then Gabby does something like this, and well, I kinda fall in love all over again.

And so it goes.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Faith's Unrequited Love

Faith has loved two boyfriends. Gunner was her first and her love for him knew no bounds. She grieved last year when he died. Then Phineas came on the scene and she slowly fell in love again. She is most happy when she has a derriere to nap on.
However, her love is unrequited, as it was with Gunner. Both boys found Faith to be a fine companion, but love material? Perhaps not. Currently Faith has a mouthful of plaque.
When she came to us off the track her teeth immediately needed cleaning, but greyhounds don't do well under anesthesia -- no body fat. So putting her under to get those toofies clean again isn't advisable. Rick now has daily scraping duty. And she's such a good girl, she lies passively and makes not a peep.