Monday, April 27, 2020

All Things Chickens

Here's the deal.  A couple of days ago the donkeys were bad.  Very bad.  And got into some things that could have made them sick.  So, they are being punished by not having their faces or stories in the blog today.  That makes them very sad.  And maybe they will rethink their bad bad behavior.  We can hope.

So today is all about chickens.

Betcha I fooled you with this picture.  Nothing virus related, just cleaning out the coop.

My helpers helped in so many ways.  Getting underfoot was their biggest contribution.

Not too long ago I put together a dust bath for the girls in an old cat litter box.  The point was to give them a cleaning area in the winter and inclement weather. One part wood ash (from the wood stove), one part sand, and one part diatomaceous earth. 

The girls inspect it for the first time and are not sure it's to their liking.

Actually, it's hard to tell if it's been used since or not.

And now I'll leave you with a smile on your face.  A picture of my favorite girl who lives next door.  Mid-twenties and gorgeous.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Scenes From a Teeny Tiny Farm

Luigi tries to lure me into another treat with his winning looks.
Donkeys are obliged to share when the chickens are out.  They're rather pushy.

Although there are four bowls for four donkeys, apparently sharing is stipulated 
as outlined in the donkey code of manners

Big holes. 
Dug by a senior black dog. 
Who knows better.

The structure above the holes.
Well past its prime, a treehouse built for my son.
Who's now 31. 

Rick got tired of the squirrels feasting on the bird seed and developed a new plan to outwit them.
It hangs between the deck and a tree and is maneuvered by a pulley system.

More to come:  Rick's new experiment in the pasture, 
the budding results of my Aerogarden, and two lazy dogs.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Packrats Unite

Sometimes it pays to be a pack rat.

Take a look at the "windmill" in the opening photo of the blog.  At our house, spring is not signified by baseball's opening day, but by the windmill going up.  And fall is determined by the windmill being put to bed for the winter.  We've had two identical wind generators as pictured above and eventually they become so tattered and woebegone that they must be retired. 

As it is now.  No windmill.

I checked my emails for the last one we ordered to find the vendor.  Thought I had found it, but was terrifically dismayed to find them out of business.  Kept checking kite shops.  Kept doing various internet searches.  Nothing.

Then, I was doing some electronic email weeding (different folder than I had initially scoured) and lo and behold found the vendor.  From five years ago...

Most friends I know are much more proactive in clearing out unneeded emails.  But look what a marvelous discovery I had just because I'm a saver.  Couldn't be more delighted.

Now, last fall I purchased a whirlygig on a little weekend retreat with a friend.  For Michiganders' reference, we were in Suttons Bay.

All manner of lawn ornaments

And this is my little beauty

So, even if I had been unable to locate my windmill, I would have told myself, don't be a spoiled baby.  You have a new whirlygig.  

But you can bet, I'll be ordering the windmill... soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Feeding Four Donkeys

Thank goodness social distancing is a breeze to feed the donks.  Pick up the monthly load in complete seclusion.

So the four pampered beasts can continue to munch in contentment.  Granted the hay bag is not their favorite feeding device.  It's too much work.  But they eat slower.  Always advisable.

[for some reason either my computer or the internet won't let me load a video of the group leisurely eating from the hay net.  It's disappointing -- when I stop doing my chores and just stand and watch the donks eat, it's peaceful and calming.  I wish I could send you all a piece of that tranquility]

Spice has been on a special diet for about a week now and needs to be segregated.  After this short period of time, I only need call her and she leaves the gang eating the hay (or straw) to come to the barn.  What a smart girl!
I think she likes being the special princess.