Monday, May 25, 2020

Sometimes Stuff Happens

What a sight greeted me earlier this week uponst approaching the donkey yard.  I think I probably just stood and stared for a few moments.

We had had two days of rain and some wind (nothing gale force), and clearly this little tree had seen better days.  But it had been in the donkey yard since the donks arrived so its removal still makes me pause.

Thank goodness (!) no donkeys, chickens, or structures got in the way when it toppled.

To change subjects -- today The Donkey Sanctuary hosted several videos from their farms in the U.K.  What fun!  I even took some notes.
If you'd like to take a peek -- Sanctuary From Your Sofa

And, I hope you're all watching "Saved by the Barn" on Animal Planet, Saturdays at 9:00 pm ET.
Highlights from activities at The Barn Sanctuary are featured each week.  I'm sure I've mentioned Barn Sanctuary previously; they're located about an hour south of me and I've had the opportunity to volunteer a couple of times.  Hard work, but the volunteers and staff are welcoming and make the tasks fun.
Tune in if you can!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Driveway Grazing

We're oh so close to flinging wide the pasture gate and allowing the donkeys a bit of time to luxuriate in new grass.  But not quite.  A few more inches of new growth would be ideal.  We've had rain and rain and more rain the past couple of days and are due for some temps in the 70's so the grass should shoot up.  I know the donkeys will be ecstatic.

But in the meantime, I sit with them in the driveway so they can munch munch munch on something other than hay.

We're looking toward the house

and the view toward the road (with my repaired chair)

Sugar gets the spotlight, up close and personal

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Donkeys Eating...and Not Sharing (!)

Donkeys can get protective of their food, I suppose as most mammals can.  Specifically Miss Sugar (yes, I've named names) illustrates non-sharing on a grand scale. 

Here you'll see Sugar telling her sister, Spice, with text book body language "stand back *itch!"
Ears are flat back, she spins her rear end in a semi-circle to push Spice away and snorts -- with gusto.  Luigi and Gabs ignore her, as do the chickens, which never ceases to surprise me.

In contrast here you'll see night time feeding.  Calm reigns supreme. The gentle munching, so soothing.

And in an unguarded moment, I caught them napping.  Seldom am I able to drive in past the four without arousing them to fevered braying begging for yet another meal.