Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chiropractor Visits Natural Again

Today Dr. Weaver adjusted Natural for the third time.  He sounded much more optimistic this visit, saying his hip bones were more level/even prior to the exam.  And that he looked fairly relaxed while grazing. When I said, "But!  I'm not seeing progress in his mobility."  His answer:  soft tissue surrounding a trauma takes a long time to heal.  And this time when he placed the acupuncture needles in following the chiropractic adjustment he left them for 60-90 (?) seconds, twirled them, then twirled them again until he was satisfied Natural had relaxed.
He's hoping to be out in another three weeks.

My naturopath, Suzy, had suggested I use essential oils corresponding to pain relief while giving the boy massages.  I double checked with Dr. Weaver and he concurred massages are still the right course.  He sees a naturopath himself and was absolutely in favor of the oils.  I'm using Young Living's Relieve It currently.
Gosh, perhaps I'm not wasting my money after all.

Jo, at the barn who owns Justin - Natural's long-term buddy, reminded me that if I wasn't doing everything I could afford to do I would tear myself apart with guilt later.  And she's right.  My boy has been a pretty easy-keeper over the years and deserves what I can do now.  As long as I'm seeing improvement.

This from a recent visit on a Sunday afternoon.
My son was home and graciously snapped some pics of me and the boy.

Here is Apollo and Natch.  Natural and Justin warmed up to Apollo when he came to the herd and now Jo and I kid that Apollo is their guardian.  Yes, he's a b-i-g boy.  Hopefully he keeps the bullies away.
But he can sure sneak up behind you, put his head over your shoulder and ask politely for carrots.
(photo courtesy of Jo)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Two Sweet Donkey Girls

Gabriella and Francesca.  Two summer-sleek sassy donkeys.
Gabba has blossomed the past two years into an affectionate donkey.  She used to be head-shy and stand-offish.  Might we even say bitchy?  She is still the loudmouth in the herd, but now relishes being rubbed and hugged.

Its quite apparent the two girls are more bonded with each other than with Luigi.  (If you're new to the blog, I need to reveal that Gabby is Fran's and Luigi's offspring.)  When I call the three in from the pasture, if one girl starts to come in toward the gate, the other will always follow.  Not so Luigi.
Rick has postulated that they probably will stay bonded unless Gabby is bred.  That would probably break this strong tie.  No plans for that in the near future, but...

Let it be said for the record that the two girls are top notch at harassing Luigi at hay time.  Its necessary for me to make three distinct piles; if I only make two they'll whirl those bee-hinds to push him away.  Time and time again.  When I scold Fran she stands stock still with hay in her mouth, not even chewing, just waiting.  As soon as I relent and rub her back, she resumes eating.

And they do so love their hay!