Monday, May 30, 2022

Chuckling at Chonkeys

It's not hard to fall in love with chickens.  Especially when they've been with you for some time.
Sometimes they make me chuckle, sometimes they test my patience.
Today we take a look at the chuckles.  At least my chuckles.  Let's hope you chortle along too.

Both the donkeys and hens have internal clocks that keep me hopping.  Gabby, with her vocals that carry to the back of the theatre, always reminds me of meals.  And the chickens seem to know when its free range time, and, when free range time is over.

Here they're impatiently waiting in the porch for their "we're free" time.

A couple of days ago I finally cleaned out the coop.  I don't quite remember how I got into this habit, but I put straw down on the new side and shavings down on the old side.  I no longer bother to spread either out as the girls get down to business pretty quickly to take care of that chore.

At first only Peggy Sue, Etta James and  Joannie Lu volunteered.

   But not too long later almost everyone got into the act.

And yes, they most certainly arranged it quite perfectly.

In a bid for equal attention, the donkeys adopt some pretty adorable poses.


Monday, May 16, 2022

The Pasture Has been Opened, let the celebration begin

 Chonkeys are happy.  Well, most of the time.  They still believe they are being starved beyond imagination and feel the need to yell at me.  But finally they have been allowed pasture time and they are happy.  

Donks are only allowed a short time per day as is usual with spring grass.  But they seem content with even this short time.  And the hens have been allowed short free range time.  It seems migration is mostly over here and with it, a lesser chance of them contracting avian influenza.  I hope.  After only an hour, the bird girls are back in the yard ready for treats.  I don't have to herd them in from the pasture.  it's a little odd.

Spice, Sugar and Gabs are mostly cooperative

You met Stella last week.  She's happy too and blooming her heart out.

 * * * * * *Just Say Yes * * * * * *

I  have been waiting and waiting for this product to reappear on my local Kroger supermarket shelf and last week my wishes were answered. 


If you have access to Netflix, I'd recommend the movie "What the Health".  The health effects of eating meat and dairy are explored and it's not a pretty picture.  A meat eating friend viewed it and came away with a new attitude.  Catch it if you can.


Monday, May 9, 2022

Stella, My New Love

 Due to a mishap, I couldn't join you last Monday. I'm feeling much better today so let's see what's new.

Meet Stella.  I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to my lovely beauty who joined the house a couple of weeks ago.  

I'm trying to give the little girl everything she wants and needs.  You see her great aunt Gertie lived with us for about seven months in 2020 but perished.  Tragically.  I do not want the same fate to befall Stella.  So she gets gently placed on the deck during the day to soak up as much sun as possible, gets her mist bath, and of course her hydrating beauty regime.  She is blooming like crazy right now.

The chive pot I mentioned in an earlier post that wintered on the deck and was exposed to all elements associated with a  Michigan winter is growing like a weed.  I continue to be amazed.

Take a look a these cuties.  An unexpected gift from friend, Bev.  I bet you're jealous.

Now let's turn to the four legged ladies.
Not sure if I mentioned to you that I was able to maintain a nice bedding foundation in the barn this winter.  I chalked it up to Luigi being the culprit and now gone. 

Well, take a look at this.

  In about one day the girls "nibbled this (former) bracing post down to nothing.

Yes, they are oblivious to the destruction they are responsible for.  And think their antics can endear me to them.  Ha!

I hope you are swooning in the beauty of spring.