Sunday, December 21, 2014

Somehow Animals Know

Sometimes animals just know what you need.  When I went out for evening feed tonight, it was with leftover anger about a family issue.

After I put hay in the shed for the gang and and was replenishing shavings, Luigi came over and just stood at my side.  Because I was already bent over by the shavings bag, we were now face-to-face. While I very softly rubbed the sides of his face, he stood quietly.

It was just what I needed to release some of that tension.

What a good guy.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh, Norman

A wee bit of excitement when I came home from our own Davisburg Candle Factory this afternoon close to dusk. Norman, the escapee from next door, greeted me in our driveway.  Uh oh.
 I had to continue down to the house so I could notify the neighbor (of all times not to have my phone on me).  While I waited for the neighbor to come, donkeys were fed.

At first the girls were unconcerned about Norman's presence near to their yard.  But Luigi, ever the protector, was uneasy.
You can see Norman on the left about midway up on the photo above.  Luigi is keeping a sharp eye on the beast.  Then Luigi became agitated, which got the girls all spooked and everyone was running around quite excited.  I calmly told them everything was OK and eventually they resumed dinner.

I waited in the driveway to make sure Norman was rescued before he wandered into the road.  I must say he was a little intimidating.  He's a big boy and I don't know my way around steers.  Because he keeps escaping the neighbor has hinted he may be in the freezer soon.  I hope not.
A mug shot of Norman on the correct side of the fence - what a gorgeous face.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Saying Good-bye

My beloved horse doesn't hurt anymore.  He's not stiff and his back hip works the way it should.  He's head of the herd again and can part the waters by laying his ears back.  And he can gallop the hills of the pasture with mane flying.

It was time to say good-bye today and my heart is breaking.  We've been companions for 24 of his 30 years. He was my first horse and he may be my last.  Two other horses have taught me lessons about riding and when its time to let go of an unhealthy partnership, but Natural gave me the best gift -- love, friendship, and trust.

Of course I was there today to tell him it was OK and that I knew he was tired.  He has leaned on me in the past few months to help him and I know he trusted me. I hope I was able to reassure him.

He was my "love potato" and somehow the world doesn't seem right without him in it.