Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hey, Wait a Minute

I think I've mentioned there are three areas to our property that donkeys can access -- the donkey yard (fenced in area surrounding the shed), the pasture (self-explanatory) and the compound (large area surrounding the house, originally fenced in to corral the two dogs, but when the gate to the donkey yard is opened donkeys are fenced in).

Got it? There will be a quiz...

Well, it's been an unusually mild December for southeastern Michigan so the pasture has been off-limits for those 12 little feet.  We're coddling the newly redone area and don't want them to make a mess of it.  So, on the weekends I let them into the compound.  The sight above was what I saw as I was trying to leave to visit my horse.  

Hey, wait a minute!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holidays Bring...

It's the holiday time of year.  Christmas, Hanukah.  And how are the donkeys celebrating -- with lights, of course.
All right, it's not quite dark enough to see the lovely lights, but the donkeys ooh and aah each night when they get plugged in.  Take my word for it.

It's also the time of hot slop.  You've heard me talk about it before when the cold weather arrives and Natural gets a bowlful once a week.  He loooooves his hot slop.  Licks the bowl clean until it's shiny.  Well, maybe rubber feed bowls don't get shiny, but darned close.

For donkeys it appears to be an acquired taste.  And, this morning (yes, Sunday is slop day) I saw some good scrapin's left in three bowls.  You'd better get back at it donks.

What are the irresistible ingredients in hot slop, you ask?  Take a healthy serving of hay cubes (never pure alfalfa for donks, too rich), add a cup of bran, as many carrots as you feel like cutting up, and a little splash of cooking oil.  Mix with hot water and stir vigorously.  Put the cover on the plastic bucket to marinate.
Voila, tastiness in a steaming bowl.