Monday, July 25, 2022

Stella, Bullying, and Lip Smacking Goodness

Stella, Stella, Stella
Why are you unhappy?

Stella, the hibiscus with the glorious flowers, started dropping leaves.

 And dropping leaves

I was afraid Stella was saying goodbye, so called the greenhouse from whence she came.  The nurse there advised to immediately put the patient in full sun and water daily.  So I did.

And now look.  She's budding on every branch!

It meant moving her from the partial sunny deck, where I could look out the kitchen/dining room/living room windows upon her beauty, to the sunny donkey area.  But, if Stella is reviving, so be it.  At least once a day I tell her how lovely she is and all the praise helps her thrive.

In case you missed the post showcasing her beautiful flowers, here's a reminder.

I also tell the yellow daisy-like plants I received from Diane how beautiful they are and they shine with pride.

These cuties are berries from a wild vine and I marvel at how pretty they are every year.  Water droplets from a recent rain accentuate their perfection.

Turning to the chonkey shenanigans --
All three donks came into the donkey yard from a brief walkabout in the compound running and kicking up their heels like crazy girls.  I couldn't determine what had spooked/riled them.  But round and round they went.  After I was sure everyone was OK, I just watched in amusement.  Until Spice turned her rear end toward me and gave a posturing kick.  Nope, you don't do that to me.  Feel welcome to posture to your cohorts, but not to me.

Yesterday, Sugar and Spice came out of the barn sniping at each other.  Clearly they were ticked off with each other and I made sure I didn't get in the middle of their dispute.  Girls!

Usually when they are in the sniping mood, Gabby feels the brunt of their bullying.  And I come to her rescue.  Cuz she's my girl. 

And speaking of getting bullied, Marigold is in the same boat.  She may be low girl in the pecking order.  So when treats are getting handed out, I make sure she has ready access without fearing those pecks.

The flock's collective internal clock knows when their free range time is coming to a close and waits at the gate to be let into the coop run and, more importantly, for their afternoon treats.


* * * * * * Just Say Yes * * * * * *

I gave up Nutella long ago; a company that refuses to find a substitute for palm oil doesn't get my business.  Or my money. 
And yippee-yi-ya, look what I recently taste tested.


Oh yea.  Two thumbs up

Monday, July 18, 2022

Meet the New Boy in Town

A couple of pieces of news on this teeny tiny farm warrant mentioning.

We have a new puppy!
Well, not a puppy per se, but I call all our dogs puppies.

After Gunner died (see post of June 20) our greyhound, Faith, was pretty morose.  On a side note, I have been surprised in the past when one dog of a bonded pair died and the other didn't seem affected.  Not so with Faith.  She lost her appetite and her vim.

So we decided to adopt another dog much sooner than we have in the past. 

Behold Grimm, aka Phineas/Phin.

Phin is a five year old lab/catahoula mix.  We adopted him through Good Karma.
And what a sweety.  Smart and affectionate.  An excellent watch dog which is a bonus.
The first few days Faith wanted nothing to do with him.  He was an intruder and was definitely not her Gunner.  She didn't even want to be on the same floor of the house with him.  Then she relented and agreed to be in the same room.  Soon after they were sharing the couch and a bed.
And Faith has regained the spring in her step.  Which is what it was all about.

As for chonkey land, a moment of panic when Rick found two young possums in the chicken coop a few evenings ago.  Yes, adult possums are predators of chickens.  He has been so diligent in surrounding the coop with hardware cloth to predator proof it, we couldn't imagine where there was a breach.  The next morning Rick located the hole and installed yet more hardware cloth.  So, knock on wood, crisis averted. 

More chicken antics --

My Chatty Cathy, otherwise known as Fluffy demonstrates her vocal abilities.

A few mornings ago, Peggy Sue found some treasure (who knows what and I probably don't want to know) which she quickly nabbed and tried to take to a spot away from the flock.  JoannieLu was in hot pursuit for quite a few minutes.  She was certain it was a valued find as well.  They ran around, the treasure still dangling from Peg's beak until Joannie gave up the fight.  Then Peggy made quick dispatch of "it".

* * * * * *Just Say Yes* * * * * *

Many of us don't make soup in the summer.  Too darn hot.  But here's one recipe that I find not to be a heavy cold weather blend.
Vegan Lemon Rice Soup

I made it a couple of nights ago with a delicious, veggie packed salad.  What a great combo. 

Monday, July 4, 2022

Vicious Flies

 There is only one thing on the minds of the donkeys these days.  

Flies.  Tormenting, unrelenting, despicable.

None of my normal fly repellents are touching them.  I spray and five minutes later, or sooner, they return to swarm on little legs.

Little donks don't even want to go out in the pasture, but prefer the cool of the barn with the fan blowing full blast.  Not only cools them but keeps the damned flies away.  Honestly, they are driving the donks nuts.  Literally nuts.  

Less chemically/essential oil based repellents have been my go-to's forever, with the horses before donkeys.  

But the winged devils have never ever been this bad.  So I broke down today and ordered some chemicals.  Hopefully I have to turn to them only during the worst of the season.

Chickens, on the other hand, aren't bothered by the vicious flying things.

They enjoy their ice water on the excessively warm days

enjoy feuding over a nesting box

and like putting all their eggs in one basket.

On a peaceful day before the fly attack