Sunday, October 29, 2017

Losing Dudley

Dear Readers,
I've not been able to come to the blog table for a bit.  We lost another beloved four-legged family member and I just haven't been able to bring the news to the blog.  What's forcing my hand now is other news that I'd like to impart but Dudley must come first.  He deserves it.

You can find a post about Dudley on March 15, 2016  Dudley's Moment to Shine explaining how we came about bringing the boy into our lives.  So I won't repeat the background.
But, I will say he was a smart bugger (I could tell him my son was coming home and he'd run to the front door in excitement), had a sense of humor and was beautiful.  Not cute, but beautiful.  Shiny and black.  And big.  And I loved every inch.

He was with us for 11 years.  Eleven precious years.  Duds, you'll be in my heart always.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

No to Veal

My bum knee prevented my normal volunteer gig at SASHA Farm Sanctuary for a bit, but I'm back in the groove now, albeit more sedately.  Upon my return in September, I met the Jersey 5.  You will swoon when you see these faces.  Guaranteed.

At my first meet and greet, this little devil was anticipating his bottle but finding I didn't have it determined my waist pack would make for good nibbling.

Five six-week old boys were saved from the veal industry.  Can you even imagine.

All the volunteers are in love. Selfies are abounding.  
If you eat veal, I would implore you to reconsider.  These boys would have been contained in small veal crates until their slaughter.  Thanks goodness they can now be loved at SASHA. But for the multitudes who don't share that future...

But wait.  The Jersey 5 aren't the only adorables at the Farm.

June and Johnny Cash bask by the pool on a sunny fall day.

While others prefer a sheltered nap

And you just never know what will appear in the kitchen.

Norman, my favorite SASHA donkey, pouts.  He was not allowed carrots that visit. 

If you'd like to assist SASHA in feeding and caring for those you've met, and those you've yet to meet, please visit their website: