Thursday, July 24, 2014

Miserable Lives

The very plaintive morning braying of the spokesperson for three little donkeys tells all the world they are underfed, treated oh-so-badly and in general lead miserable lives.

Until they get their hay.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Favorite Fly Repellents

Its mid-July and the flies are swarming on little donkey legs.  They're much worse on the donks than on my horse; there can be 20 or more on one little donkey leg.  Those of you who've been with me for a long time will remember all the different methods we tried to keep those darned flies away -- sliming legs with vaseline, duct taping vet wrap around legs, Kensington leg wraps, and, of course, traditional fly spray.

I hate putting chemicals on those legs every single day so over the years I've fine-tuned my list of favorites.
Starting from left to right:
Equisect (made by Farnam) contains pyrethrum,cintronella, clove stem, thyme and corn mint.  Use full strength.

CLAC (made by Pharmaka) contains citronella oil, clove oil, thyme oil, cedar oil, gernaium oil and lauryl sulfate.  This is a concentrate which should be diluted 7:1.

Marigold "equine rehydrant spray" (made by Eqyss).  Although labeled as the rehydrant spray, Amazon states:MARIGOLD NATURAL BOTANICAL PESTICIDE FREE FLY REPELLANT SPRAY. Marigolds have kept people's gardens free of bugs for years. It's a well known fact. This non-insecticidal horse spray uses marigolds in the same way.  NON-TOXIC. 100% SAFE NOTE: This product features new labelling that reads "Premier Marigold Rehydrant Spray" - this is the still the same great all natural insect repellant formula that was chosen by the Horse Journal as "Best product for horses with sensitive skin!".

I've also used the Skin-So-Soft, water, vinegar, eucalyptus  homemade blend, but find it only works in the early or late summer months when flies are not in peak season.

And, of course, I rotate.  In fact I've been using the Equisect for a while on the donks and its time to move to one of the other two.

The other trick I started using a couple of years ago is to keep a stash of baby wipes in the shed and use them to apply the repllent.  That way I can work it into the hair instead of it lying on the top.

Happy spraying!!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Donkey Dreads, Gone

Every summer two little donkeys develop dreads on their faces from the long and bushy winter locks.  Today I decided it was time for haircuts.  Of course photos of gorgeously-shorn faces were in order.  (I continually ask myself how cute can these donkeys be!)

Luigi posed first.

Fran then showed off.  What a gorgeous girl.

Gabby insisted on joining the photo shoot in spite of the fact she had no dreads so received no haircut.  (she actually kept stepping in front of me while I was holding the scissors insisting that she be next)

And here is the trio.  They are the best and cutest donks.  At least today.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Milk Can Table, Phase One

I shared the photo below on Facebook several weeks ago, smitten with the color and restoration.  I believe it was from Two Women and a Hoe.  Isn't it gorgeous?
But if you're like me, you admire many creations but don't tackle many as your own.
Well, after seeing my Facebook share, generous friend Bev gave me an antique milk can she had purchased.

I got to work soon after.

This is the can in its original glory.

Sprayed with primer

And here we have a red can as in the photo above.

Now, however, Rick needs to assist with completing the project.  He is a carpenter who can build just about anything, but I think he needs just a wee bit of reminding that the milk can is lonely without its table top.

Now you may ask what has all this got to do with donkeys.  Not a gol' darn thing.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Blooms Aglory

Loving the blooms I walk past on my way to donkeys...

(the clematis has buds galore this year)

...and in the donkey yard...

(the milkweed are releasing the most delicious scent)

Wait, are the donks trudging through a jungle?? 
No, its just the donkey yard in green glory after many rain showers. 
Too bad it can't mow itself.