Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mauled by Three Lovies

It's a beautiful March day in Michigan (no, we normally never ever say that) so I thought it a fine time to take a deck chair out to the donkey yard, park it for a few minutes and talk/scratch things over.

I started with sweet Fran.  Was giving her good scratches when normally touch-me-not Gabby horned her way in.  She was insistent!  It's my turn.

Although she is normally adamant she does not want her head touched, I started scratching the side of her face and she couldn't get enough.  More, more, more...  She was practically in my lap.

I got stomped about three weeks ago by Natural, the large equine boy, and my foot is still tender.  So while Gabby is getting closer and closer,  I was anxious to keep that right foot out of the line of 300-lb beasties.

About this time, Luigi, not to be outdone by anyone else's cute antics, pulled his if-I-inch-my-way-backwards-you-won't-notice-me trick until his behind was pushing the chair.  Thought I was going to get bowled over so I politely told him to knock it off.  Then Fran and Gabby started to snipe about who's getting way too much attention. Sitting there wasn't the wisest move.  Who am I with anyway, the three stooges?

I got a brush out of the tack box in the shed and started some vigorous brushing.  Wasn't that just the cat's meow.  Ooh-la-la.   Everyone enjoyed their turn immensely.

A fine March afternoon indeed.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ahhh... It's Spring (at least for the moment)

Let's review the situation.

No snow.

No mud (or not enough to shake a stick at)

No straw thrown (warm enough at night)


Easy morning feed and clean-up!

All this could change in a microsecond if Michigan weather throws us a March snowstorm or the 3" mud returns, BUT, for the moment, it's spectacular.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fuzzy Faces

Luigi is willing to pose
Gabby stops eating long enough to catch a quick look 
Luigi thinks it's self-serve

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jolly Ball Thief

We were at Tractor Supply last weekend, buying a gate and while Rick looked for the essentials, I was wandering the horse section.  Came across a small Jolly Ball. I said to myself, "what a great idea for the donkeys." I've been keeping the pasture off-limits so they won't tear it up (all this soft mushy ground does not wear well under little donkey hooves) and thought they might like a fun diversion.

Well, Gunner has taken ownership of the ball; I'm not even sure the donks have had a chance to check it out. And, I can't keep track of where the little devil has taken it.

Yea, doesn't he look like a little angel here!

So, if you see a red jolly ball floating around, please give it back to the donkeys!