Monday, March 25, 2024

Three Donkeys in a Snowy Spring

 Three days ago spring was abruptly ripped from us and we returned to winter... with a snow dump and moderately cold temps.

Here's what Friday's lunch looked like.

And I've never seen curvy icicles...

Thankfully since Friday 95% of the snow has melted and today we topped out at 58 degrees.  Yippee!

* * * * * *
Passing on a lemon curd recipe for Vitamix blenders.  If you own one and like lemon, this is the best.  I have to stop myself from just eating it out of the dish.  Not vegan because you use eggs, but you can easily sub a vegan butter (I used Earth Balance).

Vitamix Lemon Curd

It's amazingly easy and quick.  

As one cook stated, "Here’s the trick of using the Vitamix– a high speed blender heats the lemon curd ingredients to a safe temperature for eating. You CANNOT use a basic blender to accomplish the same goal. It simply won’t “cook” the eggs to a high enough temperature for safe eating."

I've schmeared it on english muffins, toast, and pound cake.  

Monday, March 18, 2024

Faith Turns 10 (soon)

 Well gang,  I've had an ongoing foot issue so haven't taken many new photos or videos.  When it hurts to walk I don't linger to capture that oh-so-cute moment.  But I can offer you a few snaps of the indoor gang.

Which leads me to an update of Bleu.
Nothing has changed.

I've moved him to the largest shallow bowl I own.  And then put in the "tunnel" from his aquarium so he had somewhere to hide.

  But his behavior hasn't changed significantly.  And often he can't get the food pellet I drop for him, even though I place it as strategically convenient as possible.  But the other day I did see lots of surface bubbles so I know he's coming up for air.

Next week Faith will be turning 10!

with her favorite octopus, often repaired

Here she takes one of her many naps, fully owning the couch

And then there's Phinny, always happy, always ready for a treat, always ready to tear after a squirrel

Have a good week, everyone.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Bleu, The Betta

 Funny things, these blogs.  And I can't entirely figure this puzzlement out.
When one of the animals dies, my readership rises like you wouldn't believe.  Just a bit ago when I spoke of Sweet Pea, reader numbers quadrupled.  It happens each and every time.  So how do readers know?  Clearly my post titles are part of it.  But that means when they see a "boring" post title they skip by?  It just doesn"t completely compute. 

Well, on to the week's events.

As I mentioned last week my betta Bleu is of concern.  He hasn't been acting well for weeks.  Normally he lives in a gallon tank, but I saw he was having trouble coming to the surface to eat and gulp a bit of air.  I was certain he was a goner.  But no.  Naturally I have no idea what I'm doing.  I've talked to the local fish store - he said to change his water by 50% every other day.  Been doing that for over a week but I see no improvement.  I checked out a couple of books from the library and one said to put a bit of uniodized salt in the tank.  So I've been doing that.  It's difficult because I've moved him into a small kitchen bowl so he can reach the waterline so the amount of salt to put in is miniscule.

   I tried moving him into a slightly bigger bowl but he again seemed to have trouble.  Perhaps he injured a fin?

Interestingly, when I picked up the books from the library the circulation person asked if I was getting a fish.  I explained I'd had Bleu for three years but he was sick.  And that I didn't have a lot of knowledge prior to getting him.  She replied, "well, he's just a fish".  Ahhh...  I always find it interesting how people prioritize the value of other living things.

Nothing seems to be helping my boy Bleu but I'll keep on until he either improves or declines further.

On a brighter note, JoannieLu seems to have regained some pep in her step.  Earlier in the winter she'd hang with Sweet Pea by the heater and not rush around with the youngsters.  She is now zipping around with the rest of the gang.  Why you say?  The only change I've made is to be more diligent in adding herbs and spices to their treats.

Joannie on the left

Speaking of the youngsters, make sure you turn on the sound while watching this video.  It's the "thud" I'd like you to hear.

When the girls are rummaging around in the hay aisle, it often sounds like a herd of elephants.

Finally a delicious cake recipe.  Not vegan.  Of course I subbed plant based milk for the cow's milk but I did use eggs.

I thought it was perfect for a light treat.  And yes, I used my quiche pan to bake it in which worked like it was made for it.


Monday, March 4, 2024

Balderdash (!!)

 Dear Readers,

It's happened again.  I am at the computer, ready to bring you wildly exciting updates from the teeny tiny farm and this jezebel won't let me transfer photos from my phone.  Topics intended for tonight's communication -- Bleu the betta fish, JoannieLu's improved behavior and a recipe for some mighty tasty cake.

But it will have to wait.  I'll try again.  Patience is a virtue.