Monday, February 18, 2013

Thaw and Freeze... a Vicious Cycle

Before I tell you the treacherous weather fallout, let me describe how donkeys react to their new cookies.
They are so ga-ga over these things they practically knock me down to get at my pockets.  Curiously, Fran (my favorite gentle girl) is the most ferocious pocket-checker.  No, I don't feed treats everyday, but they are right at those coat pockets everyday checking, checking, checking.

The thaw and freeze routine around here caused a two-inch flood in the shed one day and a skating rink the next.  Had to feed donks outside so they wouldn't have to lace up their skates to get to the hay.  So, we now have manure frozen to the shed floor, three food dishes frozen to the floor and who knows what else.  We're supposed to have another one of those brief warm-ups again today.  Donks better get the galoshes ready.