Sunday, May 19, 2013

After All the Hard Work...

Could it be?  Could it actually be... that we'll have a decent pasture.  Holy moly, who woulda thought.
Those who have been following the "start the pasture all over again" exploits know how much labor and money we're put into this gol' darn donkey pasture -- all to no avail.  Last last fall, Rick sprayed an herbicide on the broad-leaf weeds and we re-seeded (again!) in early spring of this year.  It's not perfect, but we're thinking with some more effort over the next couple of years it could be what we've been striving for.  (oops, that was a preposition)
We're keeping the donks off the pasture for another few days and then we'll be letting them roam.  Already Rick has had to mow it twice to keep the weeds from seeding.  (just ignore the bare patches you see)

Here is Gunner sampling the product.

Having absolutely nothing to do with the donks, but our lilacs are glorious this year.  And we've never had such a luscious perfume from them.  There's a second bush, but didn't want to bedazzle you too much.