Monday, May 15, 2023

Scenes From a Teeny Tiny Farm

 We start the tour with three goofy donkadonks

Morning tranquility

If the windmill is back up, it must be spring!

Sweet Pea wasn't expecting a photo shoot

After near death, Stella blooms

I did find a mandevilla last week, but she doesn't have a name yet.  Introductions next Monday.

My boy, Phineas

Come on, don't you just want to smooch him!

Monday, May 8, 2023

Cranky Donks and Mandevillas

 Well boys and girls, I've been ruminating for quite a while on backing away from the blog.  Numbers are quite low.  And then there are the computer issues.  For instance I just tried to load a short video and the techno gods are doing their best to thwart me.

So for today, we'll keep it short but sweet.

The inmates like to raise a ruckus at breakfast time clearly telling me I'm late (even when I'm not).  These were taken before we opened the pasture.  Even though they only get two hours of pasture time, their frame of minds are much calmer.

Here they were allowed a bit of walkabout time (again pre-pasture) before breakfast.  You can see Gabby give Spice a little shove out of the way.  Poor Spice.  Although for the past week when they're called in from the pasture, Spice is always first to come trotting in.

And yes, they love to get brushed.  Always.  Forget breakfast when the brush comes out.  It's heavenly.  

Either tomorrow or Wednesday I'm headed to a local greenhouse for a mandevilla.
Last fall I saw an art shop's front door framed by two mandevillas and I kinda fell in love.  Yes, they'll probably be as  finicky as Stella the hibiscus.  She actually bloomed a few days ago!