Sunday, November 14, 2010

Signs of the Season

Luigi and Francesa

Yes, indeedy, those little faces are getting fuzzy all over again. Seems like they just shed out!

Before daylight savings changed,  the advent of fall was apparent as morning chores were being done in the pitch black with the help of a lantern. Now I have daylight to perform those duties.  But, of course, the evening hours of daylight are dwindling.  I scurry home from work to be able to take advantage of pre-dusk time.

Have I told you about our new bedding arrangement in the shed?  No, I think not.  Rick proposed we place small gravel-like stones as a base over about three-quarters of the floor and lay leftover stall mats on top.  He  drilled holes in the mats to allow drainage.  Seems to be working pretty well.  The new arrangement means  I don't have to lay an extra thick straw bedding to act as insulation; the stone/mat combo offers a nice cushiony rise from the cold ground.  I do put a smattering of straw down just to make things comfy, but the three donks end up eating most of it.

And, the colder weather does mean longer breakfast chores to get the shed cleaned out from the night and fresh straw laid for the day (they're again hunkering down in the shed at night instead of enjoying the stars)

No more wandering out in my p.j.'s in the morning for five minutes to throw hay.  Heavy sigh...


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I feel like my guys just lost their furry faces and they are coming back again. This is the week for donkey posts... check out mine from yesterday. I like this gravel and mat idea--that makes a lot of sense. I am already dreading the winter temps and frozen water myself :) Miss the long days.
    Amy ~:>-

  2. I hear that long sigh.... PJ's and donks is sweet. Time for another visit, I love the winter coat!

  3. I much prefer the winter woolies! Yea...I too dread winter lugging buckets and buckets of warm water. Bring on Spring!!!
    Your photo is so cute love those faces!