Sunday, January 23, 2011

Those Silly Donks -- It's Not Myrtle Beach!

We're experiencing a deep cold snap here in SE Michigan and I've been worried about my 26-yr old horse, Natural, and to a lesser extent the donks.  Well, worry no more.  On my way back to the house from the post office today about noon I stopped to throw some extra hay for the donks.  I put it in the shed assuming they'd want to huddle inside while eating.  Ha!

Fran and Gabby went in, broke off a mouthful and went to stand outside in the snow to eat it.  Luigi didn't seem at all interested in this mid-day snack.  He was busy following me to the gate to see if I'd let him out to nibble on bushes.

These Mediterranean beasts don't know they're supposed to be miserable in this weather.


  1. Oh how sweet! Love this picture :) Mine are out running around today too. They amaze me--it’s been single digits and below and they still want to go outside and play :)
    Hugs, Amy

  2. Well mine like to hide in Cherokee's stall, they do not seem to like this cold snap we are having!
    What a cute butt!

  3. That is a sweet pic! My two girls don't seem to mind it unless the wind chill dips beyond a certain point. Then I find them in the stall - a lot! They do love to run and play in the snow though. I always worry they're going to hurt themselves, sliding around and playing. I think they do it just to mess with me! :D -Tammy