Thursday, May 5, 2011

Newfound freedom

So, here's the scoop.  A new rescue dog (Gunner) joined the family about two months ago and when he recovered from his heartworm treatment, was charging like a bullet out of the house and right down the driveway to places unknown.  And, he started taking our other dog, Dudley with him.  Not good.  Not good at all.

So handy Rick put in 600' of fencing to come off the donkey yard and surround our house with plenty of room for two black dogs to run like maniacs. That also meant a gate had to go across the driveway.  Not so convenient, but necessary.

When the donkey yard gate is open and the driveway gate is closed, three donkeys, in addition to two black dogs, are enclosed.  They are delighted to be able to wander over another acre of land, but it's a devil to chase them through the woods when it's time to come back in!

We've had a wet, cold spring which translates into a mediocre pasture.  We don't dare let them out yet for fear it will be eaten down to nubs in no time flat.  So, as we did last year at the end of the summer season, we're letting them out on the nice long grass along the driveway.  And they are loving it.
 Here three little donkeys say, "May we please got out and much that sweet grass?"  I obliged.  About 30 minutes later I went to corral them back in and Fran (far right), being the sweetie she is, led everyone straight back into the donkey yard.  I told them what good donkeys they are, but promptly closed all gates!


  1. Oh, they are so cute! Sounds like they have the perfect set-up - and so well behaved too. I'm in a quandary now - our 'extra' little pasture for the donks is down to nubs (that's the only way to describe what they do, isn't it?!). Thinking about some of that electric netting so I can fix them a temporary paddock, then move them on when need be (before nubs). Need something quick!
    Hugs to your li'l cuties! -Tammy

  2. Now that I have time and a life, I must intrude one day.... I am of huge fan of donks!


  3. They are so cute, I'm not brave enough to let mine out to munch the grass! Do your dogs get along with the donks?