Monday, July 4, 2011

Adornments Begin

I have recently begun adding ornamentation to the donkey shed and nearby area. Of course, I wanted to share these new looks with you.

The two pictures above showcase "the lady" I garage-saled from Denise & Jamie.  In hindsight I think the arrangement overshadows her a bit, but we worked so hard to get them to stay, I'm not rearranging at this point!  Think I should name her??

And if you look to the left of Gabriella's cute little behind, you'll see St. Francis.  Dorene and I found him at a resale shop, although it took me a few weeks to decide whether he wanted to help safeguard the donkeys.

Next to come is a large scrolled hanging which will go on the end wall of the shed.

I'm sure the donks appreciate all the fall-der-all.

1 comment:

  1. Of course they appreciate it! ;) Love it all. I'm still looking for a St. Francis to safeguard all my critters (Lord knows we need some safeguarding with all the raccoons and such!). happy weekend!-Tammy