Sunday, December 4, 2011

Seasonal Cycles

As I trooped out to the donkeys this morning, in the rain, to muck out the shed, I was thinking about the seasons of donkey care.  Now that I'm throwing straw for bedding, clean-up is not the easy chore of the spring, summer and fall months.  It means not only more time to shovel up, but more trips out to "the pile" with the wheelbarrow.  (I've now shifted to the bigger wheelbarrow to help cut down on the number of those trips.)  It's not a bad shift to a new season, just a shift.

This morning, for instance, the weather convinced the donks to wait for breakfast in the shed.  This would be unheard of in warmer, drier weather.  So I had to do my clean-up avoiding three beasts.  Trying to carry a shovel full of straw and unmentionables from the back of the shed to the wheelbarrow was a feat.  Total blockage by three beasts who were really not concerned about my endeavors.  Munching breakfast was all that was on their minds. I tried to slide past Luigi with just enough room between him and the fence partition and as I gently pushed past him, he "obligingly" pushed right back.  No Luigi!  Let me through!

Anyway, although this morning's routine was more labor intensive it gave me more time to chat to the three about this and that.  I have to admit, thought, I can't find much consolation in the boot-sucking muddy mess at the front of the shed.  Thank goodness I have hole-free boots to slog my way back and forth.  


  1. We have some of that boot-sucking mess now too! I love that term - thank you for sharing it.. I will use it from here on out! Perfect description of those 'helpful' donks. Many times my two have ended up with unmentionables accidentally dropped upon their backs because they got in my path while I was packing the poo-fork :) Merry Christmas, my Donkey Friend!! -Tammy

  2. I can relate to that, they are so helpful, love to stand in your way! They usually have poo on their backs from a missed attempt at the wheelbarrow.