Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mauled by Three Lovies

It's a beautiful March day in Michigan (no, we normally never ever say that) so I thought it a fine time to take a deck chair out to the donkey yard, park it for a few minutes and talk/scratch things over.

I started with sweet Fran.  Was giving her good scratches when normally touch-me-not Gabby horned her way in.  She was insistent!  It's my turn.

Although she is normally adamant she does not want her head touched, I started scratching the side of her face and she couldn't get enough.  More, more, more...  She was practically in my lap.

I got stomped about three weeks ago by Natural, the large equine boy, and my foot is still tender.  So while Gabby is getting closer and closer,  I was anxious to keep that right foot out of the line of 300-lb beasties.

About this time, Luigi, not to be outdone by anyone else's cute antics, pulled his if-I-inch-my-way-backwards-you-won't-notice-me trick until his behind was pushing the chair.  Thought I was going to get bowled over so I politely told him to knock it off.  Then Fran and Gabby started to snipe about who's getting way too much attention. Sitting there wasn't the wisest move.  Who am I with anyway, the three stooges?

I got a brush out of the tack box in the shed and started some vigorous brushing.  Wasn't that just the cat's meow.  Ooh-la-la.   Everyone enjoyed their turn immensely.

A fine March afternoon indeed.


  1. Ahhhh cute little Luigi wanted a check scratch..:)

  2. Donkey time = the most therapeutic time of my day. Who'd a thunk it? I love your descriptions.. aren't they truly the best?! -Tammy

  3. Luigi sounds like Max, inching his way back until he can not back up any to love them.