Friday, January 25, 2013

Shavings vs Straw

We've been in the deep freeze in SE Michigan the past few days so there are NO photos to accompany this post.  You'll have to put up with my description only.

I'm trying a test -- shavings for bedding instead of straw.  Donkeys eat straw!  I'd pile more straw on at night and voila, in the morning, gone.  Thought this was pretty peculiar until I did some more reading.  Apparently they'll eat quite a wide range of materials.  So I turned off the panic button.

Now when I go to feed breakfast, little backs are covered with shavings.

Yes, shavings are a bit pricier.  But I can control their food consumption better now.  Pros and cons.  Looks I'm sticking with the shavings for the time being.

I have to think this is a good thing.  Although Fran did ask me the other day -- where'd dessert go...

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  1. I know! They eat about anything, don't they? My girls have been eating their stall (grrrrr, but that's another loooong story). I use Equine Fresh for bedding -compressed "shavings" that expand when wet. Pretty much the same as shavings, including the nice smell. -Tammy