Monday, November 11, 2013

Yummm, Hot Slop

Three little donkeys stand at the gate, insistently telling their tale of starvation.  They haven't yet gotten the hang of changing clocks back and start bellowing at 6:30 am.

It was hot slop day for breakfast.
Yes, I know I've given you the very complicated and exotic recipe before, but in case you didn't jot it down, I'll repeat.  About 12 handfuls of hay cubes, a couple of cups of bran, a little oil in the dead of winter, and a little salt if it's really cold and they're not drinking water like they should.  Of course adding carrots and apples is optional.  This morning it was apples, plucked off the tree at camp, so they were free of chemicals. (I buy boxes of  #2 carrots at the local farmer's market so its usually carrots in the mix.)

The donks will normally sort out, each with their own bowl.  But girls will be girls and today they insisted on sharing.  Not not not with Luigi, though.  Icky boy, maybe he has cooties.

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