Monday, November 17, 2014

More Hay Comin' In

Our hay supply was running low.  A quick trip down the road to our hay supplier was in order.

Its about time to put in a big order to last most of the winter, but that will have to wait a bit.

Denali, a next door neighbor, was quite curious and viewed the entire unloading procedure.

I have no idea how this photo appeared but thought it had some pizazz all its own. 

Donkeys were allowed to roam while we cleaned up.

Fran asked for, and was granted a close-up.  


  1. Wish you could back that load into my driveway! Our two goats are still wasting more hay than they eat. I've tried everything. Even wired fencing around their hay rack. What a mess! At least the hay I rake off the ground is good for the chicken house floor and in the garden. What a neat picture you took, accidentally! :) That neighbor horse is just beautiful!

  2. Awesome pics.. of course I'm partial to your donks, but that neighbor horse is a looker too ;) Your "happy accident" pic is actually quite nice! -Tammy