Sunday, December 21, 2014

Somehow Animals Know

Sometimes animals just know what you need.  When I went out for evening feed tonight, it was with leftover anger about a family issue.

After I put hay in the shed for the gang and and was replenishing shavings, Luigi came over and just stood at my side.  Because I was already bent over by the shavings bag, we were now face-to-face. While I very softly rubbed the sides of his face, he stood quietly.

It was just what I needed to release some of that tension.

What a good guy.



  1. Oh my goodness! I just had a very similar situation this evening too. I had just finished putting hay out for my dozen donkeys. They were all munching happily away, or so I thought. I was walking out the gate and turned around to find my sweet Jackson standing right behind me. I guess he just needed some extra love, which I was more than happy to give. He is solid white and such a handsome young man. I bent down and rubbed the sides of his face and then scratched behind his ears. After a few minutes I suppose he had enough love to get him through this rainy night in Georgia, so away he went back to his family to finish supper. Funny thing about my donkeys, they have quite a big barn that they can come and go into whenever they choose. Many days and nights they do go inside but when it rains they always seem to stand out in the rain. I can not figure it out. You'd think when it rains they would hightail it into their barn. Maybe it's the sound of the rain on the roof that upsets them??

    1. Ann, what a wonderful story of Jackson. Wish I could see the boy.

      Mine do not generally like to be wet. They'll tolerate a little drizzle, but when its a full-out rain, all I see are heads sticking out of the shed.

  2. You are so right about that. Animals do know when you're feeling bad or sad. They can be so loving.