Friday, February 20, 2015

Hot Slop Preparation

This morning couldn't have screamed HOT SLOP for donkeys louder.
This is what we faced at 7:00 a.m.

Three donkeys needed a warm-up to defrost whiskers this morning to be sure.

I recently discovered that preparing slop the night before makes the process infinitely easier.
Last night I grabbed my hot slop bucket with lid.
Side bar:  I have raved about U.S. Animal of Vermont (shown on the label).  They saved the day when Natural was diagnosed with ring bone. Now if you would like to investigate their equine supplements you need to go to VetriScience (some company reorganizing).  Cat McKeen was my rep most recently and if you're lucky enough to live in her region, you're in for a treat.  She's knowledgeable and compassionate.

Back to hot slop.
My recipe is embarassingly simple.
Start with an appropriate quantity of hay cubes -- no alfalfa for donkeys, please.

Add boiling water and mix.  Put lid on.
If you let it set overnight the flaking process is much faster in the morning.
See the difference?
This morning I added yet more boiling water and then hot water to really mush things up.
Once a week I'll add bran.  Sometimes if I'm worried about impaction I'll toss in some vegetable oil.  I tend to avoid molasses because of the sugar content.  Of course carrots and apples are always appreciated, but this morning I wasn't as concerned with treats.

I have read differing opinions on the advisability of feeding warm mash to equines and those opinions differ on the use of bran too.  Since I only offer hot slop once or twice a week and bran only once a week I don't think I'm endangering the babies.  I gave hot slop to Natural every week in the winter for 20 years.  He lived to 30.

I had intended to show you little frosty faces but when I took out my cell phone to snap a quicky, found that the phone didn't like glove covered fingers.  And  was not about to remove my gloves, not even for you, dear readers.  Let me assure you that when I left the donkey yard they were doing a fine job of licking bowls clean.  


  1. Great explanation of "hot slop", Janet, for us non-equine folk.

  2. I've never heard of "hot slop" either. It looks healthy. Oh my, it looks so cold there, and I've been complaining about the cold here. 7 degrees would be a warm up for you!

    1. Now you know "hot slop" is my word. Not sure what the rest of the world calls it besides mash.

  3. Hey Janet. Than you for reminding me to look back at the comments. Yes, that apron is for sale. It's lavender trimmed in purple. I sell the aprons for 15.00. Hope your weather has warmed up some. Thanks again. Melba

    1. Purple is my favorite color. I'm going to see if I can find your email address.