Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring's Pitfalls

Its that time of early spring when one's boots step into inches of water and mud and one doesn't quite know if boots will follow the feet for the intended next step.  Delightful.
  And one has to be a Houdini to find dry and clean spots to feed donkeys.
The sled has been replaced by the wagon to haul water.  Let me assure you dragging a wagon up the driveway through the mud is not an easy or enjoyable task.
As I ponder these changes  I ask which would be preferred (albeit a rather senseless exercise) -- the chilling cold temps, the ice which appears each morning as the previous day's thaw freezes at night, or the boot-sucking oozing mud.  Questions to ponder.

One can only hope the pondering period is brief and solid dry ground emerges soon.  Please!


  1. Oh gosh! We've got a red muddy road and soft wet yard. What we need is few sunny, dry days. I've been so far behind with everything lately. I do not know how I missed your post. Wonder if it could be age? : )

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