Monday, December 28, 2015

Carrot Monsters

Our neighbor used to have several horses next door, but due to zoning issues moved them a few miles away.  I miss three in particular, but now have these cuties to talk to in the mornings on my way to the donks.

Behind Eyeshadow stands her cutest-of-the-cuties, daughter May.  The neighbors say she was born in May but I found a photo from April 28, when she was just a few days old.

It has been so much fun to see her grow up.  Learning to run, learning to leave mom's side just a little longer each week.  And now, learning to love carrots.

But cute doesn't hid the fact both of them are carrot monsters!  Of my own creation.

Now, each morning before I reach the donkey yard, they look up and eye me to see if I'm stopping at the fence to offer carrots.  If not, Eyeshadow will yell at me.  If I do, she'll nicker to May.  Just the other day, May was in the back of their property with the two cows and mom called to tell her it was carrot time.  She came runnin' at a full gallop, sliding to a stop by mom at the fence.  For the first time, the cows came on the fly behind her.  Now the cows are carrot monsters too!

Guess I'll need to go to the Farmer's Market next weekend to stock up.  Ay yi yi...


  1. Very sweet! May is so pretty, as well as her mom. Also, glad to see the cows are getting their share too!!