Sunday, February 28, 2016

Michigan, My Michigan

We got hit by about 12 inches of snow on Wednesday.  Here in southeast Michigan.  Right about here.

We had escaped a lot of cold temps and heavy snow.  Until Wednesday.

Thursday morning it was time to get to work.  Shoveling a path to the water.

And a path to get the manure wheelbarrow in, which also gave the donks a little walkin' around room. 

When we built the chicken coop, we had just such weather in mind.  I didn't want to be wading in big drifts to get to the donks in one place and the hens in another.  So we put the chicken coop just off the back of the donkey shed.  In the photo below, you're looking through the donkey shed to the open door of the coop, and can see their little open door on the far wall. 

(excuse the bad photo, please)

Eventually all paths got shoveled, all critters were fed and I toddled back to the house.

And today, five days later, it's 50 and turning into a muddy mess.  Ha!


  1. Oh that is a big snow! It is amazing how the temperatures are so up and down these days.

  2. We have been lucky enough not to have snow ... yet in the UK. We have, however, had lots and lots of rain, causing great flooding in some parts. Your photographs look lovely in the snow, but must make your chores very difficult. It always surprises me how parts of America can be so very cold during the winter months and then go to the extremes of very hot, seemingly so quickly. Is Michigan very hot during the summer months? Sometimes I wonder which is the easiest climate to keep chickens in as we have all the rain during winter and when it is hotter in summer the chickens seem to suffer with the heat and everything needs to be really kept clean to help keep all the flies at bay. Anyway, whatever the weather as long as the animals are well cared for that makes us happy. Kind regards, Louise S, Cheshire.

    1. I love hearing about your life in your corner of the UK. Please keep the stories coming!

    2. I love hearing about your life in your corner of the UK. Please keep the stories coming!

  3. Not a drop of snow in sunny Southern California! BUT, we did get some rain this morning.
    I have no clue how I found you but I love what I found. I've wanted chickens for a very long time and am always looking at chicken coops and reading about the different hens. My daughter raises chickens and brings us eggs in different pale pastel colors. Beautiful.
    I was raised in the country and we always had chickens and ducks, etc.
    I've really enjoyed my visit. You've a lot of work..but I can tell you love what you do.
    No snow for us..but there was a bit in the mountains..and we can at least see it. At my age, that is probably a good thing! :)