Friday, March 25, 2016

Let There Be Light - Coop Windows

The hens finally got real, gen-u-ine windows in the coop.

Husband Rick was able to whip up these beauties in nothin' flat. One on the east side and one on the west.

The Point?  Lots of beautiful non-artifical light when the coop is closed up; the girls can now enjoy the natural light rhythms of the day.
And, some much-needed cross-ventilation on those sultry summer days.
He had installed vents on both sides of the coop when it was initially constructed but they were not useful for lighting and didn't really help a lot with airflow.

Hard to discern from here, but when it's warm enough to prop them open, the hens will be protected by the hardware cloth Rick put over the window openings. Any varmints who might think a hen would make a tasty treat will be thwarted. 

Added bonus:  the girls offered up 4 eggs today.  That hasn't happened over the winter months.  This wonderful natural light will be helping production.
Thank you girls.


  1. The blue and yellow caught my eye. What a cute little hen house and lot. Your hens must feel real proud. Happy Easter.

  2. Hi Janet, Your chicken coop and set up looks absolutely wonderful. Not only does it look smart (the colours are great), it must be so good for the chickens health letting in so much light and air. It looks really spacious and nothing like the "run of the mill" chicken coops that are sold here. I have often fancied converting a shed into a chicken coop as it would have much more room. As long as it had windows (that could be predator proofed) and ventilation throughout, I think it would be a good option. Hope you had a good Easter - Best wishes, Louise S UK.